Fred Brisker Provides a few Valuable Tips On Sports Photography

Capturing the action of any thrilling sporting event, right from tennis to ruby, soccer to wrestling, is extremely exciting. Fred Brisker says that while sports photography can be a bit challenging initially, with consistent practice, people can surely hone their skills in it and become proficient in capturing iconic moments of diverse tournaments and leagues. Fred himself is a photography student and sports aficionado. He in fact recently launched a micro site for individuals who would want to learn more about the wonders of modern sports photography. His deep passion and interest in sports photography make him an ideal candidate to talk about this topic.

Sports photography is all about documenting an athletic event. It can be the finals of a major championship or just an early-season practice. Fred Brisker says that taking shots of the local community team and high school games to professional-level tournaments, all come under the domain of sports photography.  Sports photography is among the most challenging types of photography, as fast-moving subjects are a lot more difficult to shoot than still subjects. In sports, hardly anyone stays still. While capturing shots of a golf game can be a bit easier due to its style and nature, taking perfect shots of soccer or wrestling match would invariably be more difficult.

Here are a few pointers provided by Fred Brisker that can help people to take better sport photographs.

  • Use a fast shutter speed: If a photographer wants to freeze an action, then the shutter speed of their camera must be between 1/500s and 1/2000s. The faster a subject is moving, the faster should the shutter speed be. People can get away with a relatively slow shutter speed for swimming, but not in the case of soccer or baseball.
  • Plan the shooting positions: In most cases, a person would want to be in a position that puts their subject in front of them.  It is important to visit the sporting venue beforehand and check out the places from where one can get the best shots of the game.
  • Learn about exposure: If someone is not well-acquainted with photography, then they must make it a priority to learn how the aspects of ISO, aperture and shutter speed affect their photos. When it comes to sports photography, people would ideally need a large aperture and fast shutter speed. The needed ISO shall vary as per the lighting.
  • Do not use on-camera flash: The built in flash of the camera generally is ineffective at illuminating the subjects when it comes to sporting events.  The flash may also end up causing a distraction for the athletes and spectators.

No matter whether one is taking shots of a sporting event at their child’s school or covering a professional tournament, the tips mentioned can surely help out any person trying to perfectly capture the best moments of a game and click some amazing photographs.

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