Six interesting activities you can enjoy in Dubai

Dubai is no less than a fairyland where you can do anything, anywhere and anytime. A lot of people assume that Dubai only offers Jeep safari, camel riding, sandboarding and falconry.

If you want to get the most out of this dreamy city, then we recommend you to look for a place where you could live in Dubai. Fortunately, there are numerous apartments for sale in Dubai that could meet everyone’s budgets.

To learn more about why you should live in Dubai and what one can do in it, Read on!

Take a Jeep Safari

Who has never dreamt of exploring a desert?

By taking a jeep at Safari, you can comfortably ride amidst the desert. The best part is the safari ride does not even cost a lot.

Furthermore taking a ride to Safari does not just mean riding, you can also do many other activities like sand boarding and dune bashing.

Check Cityscape at Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa is not just the tallest building on the face of the earth, it is also the most popular landmark in Dubai and is filled with lots of intriguing activities.

If you are visiting Burj Khalifa or thinking to visit it soon, then you must take a trip to its 124th floor. That is because standing so high from the ground offers a staggering bird’s-eye perspective.

Nighttimes visits to this deck are especially popular, because of Dubai’s incredible city-lights panoramas. However, one should always get the tickets in advance, because otherwise, you would have to stand in long line-ups just to visit the building.

Burj Khalifa does not just offer you an entrancing view of the desert marrying the sea, but it is also filled with plenty of water fountains.

Have an excellent shopping experience in Dubai Mall

Dubai Mall is not just one of the famous malls in the city, but the entire world!

Here, you can not just get your hands on the most premium clothes, makeup, decoration pieces etc. but relish multiple indoor activities. So, in Dubai Mall, you can shop to your heart’s content and simultaneously let your kids have the time of their lives.

These amazing malls also provide a gateway to Burk Khalifa and Dubai Aquarium.

Since Dubai Mall is not confined to shopping and shopping alone, there is a gaming zone, cinema complex, ice skating rink and a number of entertainment opportunities. In addition, there are also endless areas where you can eat and attend events like top fashion shows and live music concerts.

Discover the history of the United Arab Emirates in Dubai Museum

Since Dubai is a popular attraction for the contemporary world, anything that spits images of the past is considered beyond valuable. Fortunately, Dubai’s original history can be experienced by visiting Al-Fahid Fort.

The walls of Al-Fahid Fort are built with traditional and antique coral blocks which are held tightly together with lime. The upper floor of the house is supported with wooden poles and the ceiling is constructed with mud, plaster and palm fronds.

The history of the house dates back to earlier times of monarchy and this house was being served as a place for ruling family, garrison, prisoner and government.

It was only since, 1971 when the house was finally restored and now it stands proudly as the city’s leading museum.

The entrance of the museums is bewitching, to say the least. It is adorned with a brilliant exhibition of maps. The old maps of Dubai show a wide expansion that depicts the region after the oil boom.

Check the traditional architecture at Sheikh Saeed

Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum is one of the most popular rulers of the city and is the grandfather to the current ruler of Dubai. His tenure started in 1921 and lasted till 1958. The former residence of Saeed Al-Maktoum has recently been restored, making it an amazing example of Arabian architecture.

Therefore in Dubai, you can not just shop, eat and swim, but you can also have quality educational experiences.

Relish haggling experience in Souks of Deira

Since Deira lies at the junction of Dubai Creek, by visiting this place you can witness the winding streets that melt beautifully in the pot of diversity, we now term as Dubai.

For travellers, Deira holds a significant value as it is filled with a plethora of traditional markets and is always bustling with shoppers.

To enjoy more intriguing activities in Dubai, you should consider buying villas for sale in Dubai!

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